Crocodile Dundee

Very well. The trekking trip is over. Though you can’t call it hiking. It’s more waddling somewhere in you own sweat trying not to move to hard until you get into a gorge or spring that takes your breath away.

For me there a couple of obstacles to overcome. For one the sleeping outdoors in a swag surrounded by the friendly animal world of the Northern Territories. Strangely enough nobody got killed in his/her sleep by a spider and then vanished with the help of the termites. The only visible marks on me is a polka dot like invisible full body suit. Aeroguard: you suck!!!

We also did some bush camping which basically means no shower. Can be quite relaxing to just linger in your own dirt and smell like Terence Hill always looked like. The beautiful part is you appreciation when you finally get in any kind of shower later.

I’ve met crocodiles, bats, the green tree frog and the black monitor. There were tons of different spiders, crickets, grasshoppers, and ants and termites. And so on. Unfortunately also a lot of roadkill.

Further I could do enhanced studies of different British and Scottish accents as well as Australian mummbling. But when it comes to men the major topics are always the same…

Anyway. A deep thank you for an unforgetable experience to T!!!

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