I remembered that I really liked Chocolat, but couldn’t tell why. The plot is rather quiet, sometimes a bit boring, sometimes a bit enerving and the ending – like the title suggests – way too sweet.

Right now, as I’m watching the movie again, I dropped over that particular moment that makes the movie worth watching (at least for the females!!!):

Johnny Depp never looked better in his whole carrier and his part, which is the charming but not approachable gypsy, does the rest.

Besides … he says: I’ll come around sometime to get that squeek out of your door. Alright, I’d say! 🙂


  1. This foto its great how do you find it ? whatever … well u have a good point , but Johhny its not just looking better … he well u know ,its great , supergreat , ok! its superdiduper-great (pauses…) and handsome ,Ofcourse, well bye G.G.

    P.D. I have creations of my own in Johnny Depp G.G.backgrounds if u like one I will very happy to …

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