U want massaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasch?

Three weeks of Thailand later…

It was definitely warm. Or rather hot. And sunny.

A bit unexpected was the amount of dirt in combination with the obvious no-bother-mentality of the Thai people about living in it. So while you’re in the Tourist areas its mostly clean. As soon as you get out of it and enter their territory it gets dirty.

What also surprised me was how badly they speak English. Don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to, but since you’re working in tourism, and for example the Bangkok Post and quite a few TV channels are in English, I expect that you maybe speak more than the three sentences you need to know for your work. That also makes it impossible to get in contact with the people, and get some answers for the 2000 questions that come in mind while traveling that mysterious country.

Finally most Thai people we met seemed to be extremly unhappy. Due to the lack of communication possibilities I don’t know if it’s a culture thing, straining work, dislike for the fat tourists, economical situation, or whatever. If somebody knows, please tell me.

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