Protection Plan

Technically my iPhone will be two years old in July. Technically because I choose a white one which developed the all to well known cracks. At the end of the first year warranty they gave me a new refurbished iPhone due to the cracks. I was then asked if I wanted to extend my Protection Plan. Tough call, but the point is that I would be really pissed when something happened to my iPhone that would have been covered by the Protection Plan and I didn’t do it. So I bought the Protection Plan (109 Sfr.).

So two days ago, I went again with new cracks in the refurbished iPhone, and got another refurbished one. I hope this one will do better. First of all it needs to hold until a new one is released and the I would really like to give it to my boyfriend.

One slight note: I kept my first iPhone in a case and the second one not. Both developed the cracks. So the case doesn’t help with that problem. Though it helps with making the iPhone look overall more “preserved”.

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