Half a year ago I was considering to buy a Kindle. Since there were rumours about Apple developing an ebook reader I waited. So now the iPad is coming in a couple of days (or so they say), I wonder if I should get one.

Actually I didn’t have any great ideas what I wanted in an iPad. I was pretty sure they wouldn’t come up with a classical netbook, because that would have simply been lame. I also was pretty sure that it would not simply just be an ebook reader with a browser included. That’s just to one-purpose-related for any Apple product. I mean the iPhone is anything but a device just to make phone calls.

What exactly is it now?

In a way a bigger iPhone that doesn’t make phone calls with an ebook reader. Sounds rather “okay, … and why would I want that?”-ish.

Honestly I’m not sure. I have a book with me every day. Given that I read my books on the iPad, I’d have to carry it with me every day. Most likely there would be no other reason to carry it along, because most things it offers I can do on my iPhone as well. So why carry it with me (the Wifi/3G version is 0.73kg)?

I maybe wrong, but I believe – as with quite a few apps on the iPhone – the need to use it, come with having it with me, and with developers at Apple and around the world having an idea what it can be used for.

For example: iWork is redesigned for the iPad. That means you can work on presentations, documents, spreadsheets on a touchscreen (!) device. I also hope that I’d read the newspaper more frequently, and I blog more often. Both things I can do on the iPhone, but it’s a bit cumbersome (for one the speed of the 3G version, and then the mini keypad for writing long blog posts).

So unless the pricing for Switzerland is out of the roof, I’ll most likely get one. With a Protection Plan. You never know 🙂

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