What a frustrating experience!

I ended a couple of months struggles, because I was reduced to the fact that I’m a woman, and women can’t be ‘good’ programmers or competent enough in the computer science field.

At least that’s what it feels like looking back at the happenings. I might be a bit touchy on that particular spot, but I realized I don’t like to follow ‘sort of’ orders. Especially when I consider the goal stupid.

Whatever …


  1. Oh don’t say such things…

    Good female programmers are rare because females in tech/engineer jobs are rare in the first place (I really wish it would be different, we guys need you women for your fresh ideas!).

    I’m sorry you had a bad time with what seems to be other tech people, but I guess you have shown what you can do and everybody who knows you is aware of that. Who cares what “outsiders” are thinking…

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