iPhone = Birkin Bag?

My mobile phone contract is running out in July. On the insanely slow loading website of my mobile phone provider Orange, I noticed that I’m already entitled to a new phone. Unfortunately you can’t check online what the prices would be if you extend your contract. So I checked the prices for a new contract. It’s mind blowing. Absolutely insane.

If I stick to my current price plan (Optima Start Surf), and intend to get an iPhone 3GS with a one year contract, I’d have to pay 540.- (16 Gb) or 660.- (32 Gb). For a 2 year contract its 230.- (16 Gb) and 350.- (32 Gb). Buying it without a contract at Digitec makes it 899.- (16 Gb) or 999.- (32 Gb).

The only phone I could consider to switch to would be a HTC Magic with Android which you can buy at Digitec without any contract for 399.- I haven’t truly compared the phones, but comparing these prices makes me speechless.

I love my iPhone, but in the end: it’s a smartphone. To get a MacBook you only need to add another 250.- !!!

But yeah. I know. There should be a new iPhone model in June/July. And then either the 3GS gets cheaper or the new one is so mind blowing that you spend another fortune on a life style object that – by the way – can make phone calls, write sms, and … well … surf the web. Who needs that anyway?


  1. I think you got the order wrong: Those devices are 99% computer and 1% phone. The way I like it. I recently had a house warming party and forgot that my internet would not be ready in time. So I streamed last.fm for a couple hours from the Nexus and it worked flawlessly. I am disappointed that the Nexus One is 829. That seems a bit expensive, even though it is quite awesome.

  2. True. Though I’d say 70% internet device, 20% entertainment (iPod, Kindle), and 10% phone.
    But still. Production cost of an iPhone is probably 100.-

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