Dirt eraser pads

The last couple of weeks I noticed some serious shit accumulating:

At work I believed it would sort out itself. Or in other words: there was a serious deadline coming up and I already expected that we wouldn’t make it, but since I’m not the project manager (and some other reasons) I didn’t feel responsible to do something about it.

In my private life I’m moving in with my boyfriend in an awesome, big apartment with even a separate room for each of us. So far the great news. The difficult part is that moving is for both of us a tricky topic for very different reasons. Discussions followed. Besides its a lot of organizing, arranging, planing, and work.

Also I had a doctors appointment coming up. Just a checkup but nonetheless it stressed me out.

So the shit hit the fan and spread the stuff everywhere.

Luckily I talked to a coworker about the project. The deadline was moved. The replaning will hopefully start next week.

The moving discussions with my boyfriend stopped with one almost simple straight forward talk. So did the insecurity if the whole thing was a good idea in the first place.

My checkup showed that I’m totally fine.

And I discovered a great new tool to get rid of shit having spread everywhere:


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