Well. I’ve got one too. An iPad. More by coincidende than actual arrangement. But I wouldn’t give it away anymore. I honestly don’t intend to write another praise the iPad (nor anything i) post. The point simply is that I sold my old beloved Powerbook G4 just a couple of days ago, and when I sit in front of my 24” iMac I rather surf, answer emails, write anything on my iPad than on my iMac. I don’t say it’s the best possible tool out there. I just say that for me it is a great fun tool with lots of potential. A touchscreen that size just rocks for me.

I’m getting tired of people asking me if I bought it for the hype, or that I’m generally told that I’m i-infected. The stuff just works together. I struggle with anything Windows throughout the day at work. Can’t I have a system in my free time that just works and fullfills my every private need?

I don’t care if you think it’s overpriced and overhyped and over … anything. Maybe it is. Probably it is. If you’re interested, I can show you, but why the heck do people feel the need to form a strong opinion without even caring about devices in general? I don’t flame anybody for whatever computer or phone they use. Why do people flame me for using an iMac, iPhone, and iPad?

Either try an i-device and form a serious opinion, or shut up.

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