As the creator of the term rescue-me babe (see Definitions for a ‘sort of’ … definition) I need to add some extra shades to the term, which I recently discovered within myself:

even the thoughest tank girl can become a part time helpless (feeling) rescue-me babe, when she found people, she knows she can get rescued by, and – even more important – she allows to be rescued.

The good point is – of course – that the knowledge of these people gives a lot of strength, energy, and a deep bond.

The low point is – also of course – that you get used to that back-up quite fast, which creates a dependency.

Then again as Persephone said so nicely in Matrix Reloaded such a thing is not meant to last (replace such with whatever pops up your mind), and – as sad as it might sound at first – it’s exactly the way as it should be. I know I keep repeating myself, but I need to be reminded of that fact every once in a while …

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