Three weeks in our new flat in Oerlikon I’m quite amazed. This part of the city gives a whole new flavor. It used to be an industrial quarter. Over the last couple of years they added quite a few huge funky appartment blocks. It looks like mostly young people and families moved here. I guess because the appartments are spacy, modern, and even though Oerlikon is beyond the hill, it’s well connected. They added huge park like areas. So far it looks like they never really fill up. And if the industrial feel is enough it takes you ten minutes to get to the forest and yellow raps fields.

Shoppingwise a huge Coop and Do it yourself. In walking distance there is a Migros and Saturdays a market I hope to go to somewhen the next couple of weekends.

And a Stsrbucks. What else do you need?


  1. Und du hast den ultimativen Sportladen Bächli Sport vergessen!!!! Der Outletshop ist ziemlich gut, einfach die Kreditkarte Daheim lassen 😉

    lg, cristina

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