When does the iPad become green

Before I got the iPad I read two books simply on my iPhone with the Kindle app. I thought it was pretty ok. Surely the screen is tiny, but handy and you’ve always got your books with you anyway.

Of course reading on the iPad is way more comfortable. I have to admit iBooks is also an advancement with the included dictionary and book like landscape mode. Also you can add any ePub formated document while the Kindle app is for Amazon bought content alone. Which is exactly the biggest advantage of the Kindle app: there is way more content available (yet) as in the Apple iBooks store.

Next there is Zinio. As far as I know the app with the biggest choice on magazines like for example National Geographic or Marie Claire. My absolute favorite magazine is not (yet) available in an e-version (knock on wood).

So all in all I thought: the amount of paper I’m going to save with the iPad! And instead of little dollar bills little green trees blinked in my eyes.

Mhm… And then I wondered if I could possibly make up the ungreen materials and production process as well as the energy used when the iPad is turned on with not buying books, papers, and magazines.

The starting point is not so bad. Apples Environmental report of the iPad shows use of less harmful materials. The power charger is claimed to even excel the Energy Star requirements. Googling the iPads greenness most of the articles I’ve read concluded that basically it is a greenish device, but the real green only comes with what the user does with it.

Meaning that it should not become just another device that is always running. For example the iPad could replace a laptop or desktop computer. It uses marginally less energy. I also try to substantially reduce my use of paper. I don’t print out documents anymore, but put them on the iPad to read. I don’t take notes on paper anymore, but make notes using the iPad and syncing the through Evernote for further use on the computer.

I’m not sure if this is enough to make the iPad green. I believe it’s a question of consistency, using the iPad wisely, and finally also how long it’ll last or I’ll have it.

Nonetheless I’ll try.

PS: No matter if it’ll work, but since I read into the iPads greenness I learned quite a few things to make my household greener. Just being more aware of things helps as well.

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