Tomorrow is the big day where the iPad is finally officially released in Switzerland. I wonder how the Swiss market will respond to it.

So far most of the experiences with people seeing my iPad have been … rather bothersome. It starts with an “Owh” followed by a certain look in their faces. It says something like “what a geek person/Apple parishioner must she be to have one already a month before it’s officially released in Switzerland”.  Oh boy. Then there is the “how do you like it”-question. Well, quite simply: I love it. This is followed by “but what the hell are you actually doing with the thing”? Erhm… What are you doing with your computer at home? Surfing the web? Writing emails, letters, documents? Maybe making a spreadsheet? Blogging? Listening to music? Watch a movie? Check out photos? Well, and then I also read magazines, newpapers, books, and any form of document on it. It’s like your all media library in your hands, and you can do whatever you want with it. “But why do you need to be able to do all this everywhere?” This is subtext for “have you no other hobbies in life than sitting in front of a computer?” Oh boy.


  1. Sure I’m a fan! Does that make me an Apple geek?

    You’re right that out of the 12 posts since I started blogging again 8 mention some Apple product. Overall the blog certainly is not about my life with the Apple gadgets. As far as I remember you told me once that you find my blog weird because it’s so personal.

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