A moment of … arghhh …

I hate to test programms.
I hate to vacuum clean.
I hate slow internet connections.
I hate when programms crash.
I hate people who pretend to be heroes.
I hate sand in my bathing clothes.
I hate the morning after having drunk too much.
I hate when movies are predictable.
I hate when people don’t talk when there is obviously something on their mind and heart.
I hate when people die.
I hate the feeling of loneliness.
I hate when I run out of body lotion.
I hate cold coffee.
I hate when people don’t clean up after themselves.
I hate when people talk bullshit.
I hate to hurt and to be hurt.
I hate my laziness.
I hate to talk about the same stuff over and over again ….


I do love life with all its shades!

… ghee … what a bullshit I’m writing here!!!!

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