World of Warcraft

Some coworkers heard me talking about World of Warcraft. They seemed a bit irritated that I play sometimes. Obviously the idea was that only complete losers play such games. I tried to explain what makes the game interesting up to addictive, but I guess I failed bitterly. Even I had to admit that my explanation sounded ridiculous. Especially to people not accustomed to the magical world of fantasy.

And the concept of meeting friends online and spending some time together in a virtual dungeon killing virtual mobs brought me several eyebrow raisers. Why the heck would I want to meet virtually and do some stuff absolutely unrelating to the real world when I could meet them in person and have a beer?

Errrhm… Seriously? The idea of meeting your friends in a quite different world having quite fantastic abilities and doing quite new stuff doesn’t sound at all appealing to you?

Here a couple of impressions of chill moments in the game.


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