Trick or treat?

Treats of this month:

Aunts and Uncles Mr. Beefcake und Miss Dogbisquit, Softclox Cristina and Ugg Lynnea.

By the way…

Tricks of this month:

If you’ve got a new jeans and its colouring the sheepskin fleece of your shoes, use Vanish Oxi Action carpet cleaner. If the jeans is coloring your rough leather bag, use Dirt eraser pads. Try on a hidden spot first though. And use it carefully. Gently. Cleaned Mr. Beefcake. And afterwards use a serious amount of leather fat.

Who would have thought… Online cleaning advice 🙂

Anyway. Treat time is over. The stuff costs. And its so cliché. Bags and shoes. Ughhh…

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