Its almost december and I sit here in a 35 degrees environment. Everyday it’s sunny and I hang at least 2 hours in a pool. Could life be any better? I guess there are certain aspects that could need some adjustment. Otherwise its heaven.

Even after a week no diarrhea yet #knocking on wood# (which isn’t that surprising since I haven’t spent much time in the “normal” world outside of Satsanga Retreat. One quick trip to the beach and to a nearby super hip cafe. Otherwise it was this oasis here. Feels a little bit like the world is standing still. Don’t even feel like checking any newspapers.

Days start at 6 when the sun isn’t even up yet. A quick tea and then quite some prayayama. 20 mins break. Then asanas. At 10 there is an extensive breakfast/lunch (and you’re supposed to take 2 spoon full of ghee). And a break up until 4pm. Time to hit the pool, sleep, read, or – if you manage the outside world – take a bike an drive around. From 4 til 6 there is yoga philosophy or any of the above. And at 7 there is supper, and chitchat.

Life couldn’t be simpler.

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