What does it feel like?

This afternoon I had coffee with a friend and her girlfriend. They are so much in love, that both of them simply sparkle. I’ve never seen her like this before and I know her since at about 12 years!

In conversation they asked me what the feeling of love is like for me. I never asked myself that question before and I must admit that I find it extremely difficult to put it into some describing words.

They also explained to me, that they discovered, that the feeling of love is different for both of them. It makes sense!

I figured that you love every person differently no matter what kind of relationship you have, but – of course – the feeling every single human being calls love must be different as well. First because we are all different in our desires, hopes, and wishes, and also because everybody got told differently what love is (especially during the time we grow up) and made different experiences with people he/she loves.

I personally lost a person I loved to cancer. Therefore one of my greatest fears towards the people I love is, that they might die, which gives my definition of the feeling love a sort of desperate, clinging taste. Actually not in the sense of me wanting, that they protect me, it’s rather I want to protect them.

The current final conclusion is only a raised eyebrow and crinkles in my forehead 🙂 …



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