The long time awaited event. Finally: NIN @ Zürich Openair 2013. We managed to grab a spot to the middle of the stage, 4 row. Conditions were superb: not too warm, not too cold, and dry feet. Only minus point was the over an hour wait to get even inside the area.

The concert was awesome. Extremly good sound quality and a perfect production. And I finally got my NIN t-shirt…

One very happy NIN fan. Till next year.

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Now and again I keep wondering about this “is it all a complete coincidence or does it actually mean something”-question.

My current opinion is that it’s not complete coincidence, because we make a lot of choices that lead to funky situations where you utterly believe you’ve been Punk’d. The Punk’d moment might be coincidence, but the reasons for being there are our choice. And finally we put the meaning into the Punk’d moment.

I find these moments where you might look at the sky and ask yourself if the universe is f***ing with you – as stressing and as irritating as they are – also the utter core of what life is about: it’s about figuring out your own puzzle. The Punk’d moment shakes you to the core, because you choose it to shake you. So try to understand why on the deepest possible level.

While figuring this out I find that you solve a couple of very tricky puzzle parts, and it kicks you right into a new level of your journey. Like some super duper extra core bubble thing that you catch in a Super Mario game. It may even be a puzzle that you had to solve to get anywhere at all.
Super Mario So in my opinion you should embrace – even search – for the Punk’d moments. They are precious.

Anybody got Asthon Kutchers phone number? Just sayin’….

Facebook Holidays

Since I registered to Facebook I have been a somewhat active user. Within the last 2 years probably a very active user. Due to some changes in my circle of friends, my news feed became a bit more quiet. To read and to post about. Who wants to post in Facebook when nobody is replying? Then I’d rather post on my blog and this is mainly me trying to stay fluid in writing without much expectation that somebody actually reads it and replies. Alright. You might ask why post to the world when nobody replies. You could just write it down into your diary. I’d reply it’s just a different setting. I write differently in my diary (qualitatively actually quite a boring, if not even repetitive style) while when writing to post in on my blog, I try to be creative while not pouring every last drop of my soul out for everyone to read.

But lets get back to Facebook. I think it’s a wonderful tool to stay connected to your friends, and interesting people, but the quality of your news feed largely depends on how active, maybe intellectual, and extrovert you and your friends are. If there are not a couple of people you want to read about, it’s endless banter. And if you’re interested to figure out the tiny subtle details about somebody, it can give you endless possibilities for stalking.

I never thought I would quit Facebook. I mean. You can just not log in anymore, but it felt like a good thing to do. Just for a while. And it leaves much more space to figure out this whole Twitter thing. I still have no idea what this is all about. And spend some time blogging.

Fasting on Sardines

I’m a tv series addict, and not afraid to admit it. And one of the greatest pleasures is to discover a show that has been running for a while. Make it 3, 4 or even 7 seasons. You get started with the thing, and then you can watch it non stop. On a rainy day… and – what the hell – … on a sunny day too …

The Borgias was such a discovery for me a couple of weeks back. Three seasons to go. I was quite sceptical. The historical tv shows can be either very shallow, cheaply made, or overwhelming with 500 characters. The Borgias is a middle thing of all the good spices: good plot, but not to many involved parties; very nice set; multi facetted characters which are both lovable, but also in many ways flawed; historical, but not too detail driven; some eye candy in the so much mentioned leather pants; and some very good chemistry among the main cast.

So I dived into it, just to find out that they cancelled the fourth promised season. Because there wasn’t enough material around for another season. And the plans for a 2 hour movie got cancelled too because it would be to expensive. Well, sounds like a lot of crap to me. You could also do only 6 episodes, or introduce other characters of that time (like Leonardo), or just invent some things like they already invented stuff anyway. Nobody said it has to be the history channel. But the main reason is obviously that it wasn’t a success compared to other shows of Showtime like Arrow, Californication, or even the predecessor The Tudors.

The final episode came. It was announced as the grand finale, but does leave almost every thread hanging there. Nothing is resolved. And the history books tell us that there actually was a grand finale.

Some people created Facebook groups. Twitter blasts are planed. There is even a petition site. All in all I guess this creates some noise, but from a financial point of view it needs to be enough noise to finance another season, and fix the deficit Showtime probably made with the first three seasons. How I wish to have a look in their records…


But anyway. A very small voice is creeping up and wondering if this all is just some well planned campaign to boost the shows popularity, but I don’t know enough about it. Would be a creepy, but magnificent idea. Most likely no fasting on sardines or anything else will bring The Borgias back. As intriguing as they may have been. But for sure there will be some other story to obsess about. Maybe even in real life?

One note to finish: I have never understood, and probably never will, why so many people like to post I-love-you-s and hearts to posts of some artist (may it be an actor, musician, artist, famous person). Just imagine how you would feel if somebody posted an I-love-you to a picture of you, and you’ve never seen the person in your life. It would freak you out, no?


PS: While you’re at it… Could you sign the petition, and like the Facebook page? 🙂

Is sticky really sticky?

By all means, I don’t intend to write a yoga mat review, but still I’d like to blast a couple of remarks into the mighty internet.

There are tons of yoga mats out there. As a beginner I thought every mat is probably about the same. I mean it’s a mat. You need a bit of cushioning. Then you need it to be sticky enough so your down dog is somewhat bearable. We’re not talking rocket science. In truth it seems to be quite rocket scientish. And personal.

From my point of view there are two major brands around: Jade Yoga and Manduka. I tried Manduka first. Mainly because I liked their website. I tried an eKO Lite and a PROLite. Both suck. They are just not  sticky. The PROLite is better, but with a little bit more sweat involved, it actually turns into a slippery slope.

Then I tried Jade Yoga. In yoga studios in Zurich definitely the favored one. I have two travel mats. Weirdly enough the red one slips on the ground while the purple doesn’t. But basically I really like it. Nice cushioning, non slippery, but even the travel mat (3 mm) is quite some material when you travel or even commute.


I wanted to get a real travel mat for ages, and found – thanks to Thomas – the Lululemon Un Mat. The thing is really thin (1.5 mm). It looks like anything else than sticky (especially the black one). It smells quite ugly in the beginning. Like new car mixed with the smell coming from melted rubber. But it is sticky as hell (and the smell wears off). There is no cushioning though. Hence they call it the Un Mat I guess.



Strawberry Bubblegum

My blog doesn’t hide the fact that I’m a Justin Timberlake fan. Musicwise it has been quite quiet the last 7 years and with quite some anticipation I’ve been wondering about the 20/20 Experience.

The first half minute gave me some shock as the start of Mirrors is somewhat incrediby boring, but the JT kicks in soon. It may not be a completely new reinvention. In fact it’s pretty much a very solid follow up of FutureSexLoveSounds. But I find JT’s music still quite unique in the endless R’n’B section (which technically should not be that difficult as most of it just sounds exactly the same), but I find it an amazingly good and sexy mixture of R’n’B, Soul, HipHop, Rap, and Swing with some electronic twinkles in it.

Listen to Strawberry Bubblegum.



Having been a facebook user since January 27, 2008, and probably an addict for almost all of the time, I decided to have another closer look at twitter. Don’t know yet where it fits into my desire to talk with the universe. So first of all I just interconnected it all (meaning blog, fb, and twitter). In a way this is giving me a headache already. Where will the comments end up? 🙂

Whatever happens three things are certain:

  1. Through Facebook I met quite a few people, I wouldn’t have met otherwise. And I reconnected with others that have been lost to me. I’m grateful for that.
  2. If this stuff makes me write more, it’s the best thing that can happen to me. Writing keeps me balanced.
  3. Unicorns are in fact f****** stupid.

Intro into my yoga history

From the first couple of times that I heard about Yoga I was curious about it. I think that was during my studies, because I began my first couple of lessons at the university. I went quite irregularly because it was at the outskirts of town and not at the most convenient time. And I felt like it doesn’t do enough anger management for me. But I liked the teacher.

I went to India on holidays to do an ayurvedic treatment and also hoped for yoga lessons. My ayurvedic doctor decided that I wasn’t ready yet. I think he might have been right.

After the university I was mostly into jogging or even still a bit of swimming. I kept searching for yoga lessons and went to several places, but mostly I found it way to “easy”, boring, slow, …

3 years after the university I went through a breakup and found yoga lessons close to my home and went regularly during the hardest recovery time. After I recovered I quit.

5 years later, almost a year before my next big break up, I started again. First bikram yoga because I felt like searching for some sort of workout yoga. After 4 months I had enough off being yelled at and no real alignment advice. I went to the biggest yoga studio in town. Hatha and vinyasa yoga. It took another half year until I met my current teacher. So when this break up came I was at least on the save side with my teacher.

And here I am still. 2 years with my teacher.